What's New?

Schuyler ADMINOwnerCN STAFF posted Sep 29, 16


Clan Nation Updated the following:

The Home Page: www.clannation.org/home

The About Us Page: www.clannation.org/aboutus

The Donate Page: www.clannation.org/donate 

The Contact Us Page: www.clannation.org/contact

The Job Application Page: www.clannation.org/cnjobs 

The Twitch Directory Page: www.clannation.org/twitchstreamers

(NEW!!!!) Twitch Directory Request Form: www.clannation.org/twitchdirectoryform

(NEW!!!!) Staff Directory Page: www.clannation.org/staffdirectory

(NEW!!!!) Forum Content: www.clannation.org/forum


Clan Nation is still looking for staff.  We have open positions in the following Departments: Reviewing, Community Outreach, Design, Web Developement, Social Media.  Upper Management Positions are open to those who have the right experience.

If interested please go to www.clannation.org/cnjobs.

Forums and Chat is now for Registered Members only!