A  few weeks ago, we held a contest.  We asked communities to post their best recruitment thread.  Well the threads are in and they are just so awesome, we need help deciding.  So we leave it to you, the gamers, to tell us....if you had to join one of these communities, based on their recruitment thread, who would you choose?  Check out the threads, and then vote in the poll box.

The Threads Can Be Found Here:
Rising Rebels: http://www.clannation.org/forum/m/9536314/viewthread/26078615-rising-rebels-xbox-one

Outlaw Gaming Community: http://www.clannation.org/forum/m/9536314/viewthread/27425697-ogc-recruiting

Xtreme Outlawz: http://www.clannation.org/forum/m/9536314/viewthread/27423714-xtreme-outlawz-looking-for-awesome-people

Experience Gaming: http://www.clannation.org/forum/m/9536314/viewthread/27437373-experience-gaming-recruiting

Good luck to you all!